Ghiozzo are fish-based B.O.W.'s that appear in Resident Evil: Revelations. Produced by introducing the T-Abyss virus directly into their water source, these gruesome mutations were once ordinary arowana fish that transformed within seconds of infection.


The T-Abyss virus caused the arowanas to grow to three times their original size and develop sharp quills on their fins. Their mouths distend into wide maws filled with razor-sharp fangs.


Ghiozzo are unspeakably vicious and a school of them can easily tear a large mammal such as an elephant down to a few minute scraps of bone. Their ferocity is so immense that they will actually leap out of water and on to dry land if they sense potential prey nearby. During the BSAA's investigation of the Queen Zenobia, agents Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani inadvertently released contaminated water into a fountain in the ship's casino, turning the arowanas in the fountain into Ghiozzo. The fish then jumped out of the fountain basin and attacked, jumping toward the agents in an attempt to feed on them. Although capable of surviving out of water, Ghiozzo cannot move very quickly and can be easily dispatched with handgun fire. They are considerably more dangerous in their natural watery habitat and the chances of a human surviving an encounter with a group of them are slim to none.