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A Servant Grunt, the basic type of Gatherer.

Amnesia is scary by redroses19-d300asr

A Brute.

Gatherers are creatures in the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. They are the servants of Alexander of Brennenburg, the antagonist, who roam his castle, looking for escaped prisoners. Grotesque and malformed, there are two types of Gatherers: The weaker, more common Servant Grunts (top) and the more powerful, rarer Brutes (bottom).

Servant GruntsEdit

The Servant Grunts are the weaker of the two Gatherers, but make up for it by being more common than Brutes.


Grunts are repulsive, humanoid creatures with seemingly pieced together bodies. Stitches and open scar-like wounds cover their pasty and stained skin, with bandages wound tightly around their feet and other parts of their torso. Their "skin" also functions as their clothing, as shown by the skirt-like protrusion around their waist and the sound of rubbing skin made when they walk. Their heads are malformed, with a distended jaw that hangs over their torso, stretched to an absurd length. There are clumps of hair still attached to their head. Their eyes are large, bulging and reptilian. The Grunts are missing their fingers on the left hand; they are instead replaced by crude blades, which serve as the creature's primary weapon, and are stained with blood; this indicates that the grunt has either attacked another person or animal before, or that the blades were attached in such a way that it caused the Grunt to bleed.

The Grunts cannot speak properly, owing to their inability to move what is left of their lower jaw and their apparent lack of a tongue. However, they are still capable of emitting a range of guttural growls, hisses and noises. Upon paying close attention, their growls sound like an attempt at normal speech, for if it notices the player, it may make a garbled attempt to say "I see you," or "There you are."Their visual and auditory perception appears to be unimpaired though, as they can easily notice Daniel if he is within viewing or hearing range. Staring at them will reduce the player's sanity.

Sometimes while standing idle, Grunts can be seen and heard scratching themselves or whimpering, as if crying. Their initial growl is the signal that they hear Daniel (the player's character) and are coming to investigate. Daniel can withstand a couple of blows from a Grunt, and while they are difficult to outrun when they see him properly, they do get confused fairly easily and thrown off the chase.

Their intelligence is questionable, as they are rather inefficient at searching areas. They will also not notice Daniel if he is standing still and his head is not in view, unless there is a nearby light source such as a candle. They can even be thrown off if Daniel hides behind a door or other object, even if it is obvious (to a functioning human) that he's there. It does seem that Grunts have some intelligence, though, and perhaps emotions. For example, if Daniel makes a loud noise, the Grunt may turn to look in fright with its hands to its mouth before searching.


Brutes are larger and more powerful than Grunts, able to kill the player in one hit.


The Brutes have a distinctive brown-green color, unlike the pale white of their Grunt counterparts. They have heads that are split open in an almost floral shape, with teeth lining the inside of the opening along with a single eye. The brutes wear leg-less, metal tunics and have metal plates and nails that connect their arms and legs at their joints. These plates make creaking noises when the Brute walks. In place of a left forearm they have a metal shaft with an attached blade. This is their primary form of attack and can bash through doors with it in only two hits and kill Daniel in only one. Brutes speak in strange, whale-like noises and moans.

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