Gamera in Gamera 2: Attack of Legion

Gamera (ガメラ) is a giant flying fire-breathing turtle and the protagonist of the Gamera series of films. He is sometimes referred to as the "Guardian of the Universe" or "Friend to All Children."


Gamera is a giant bipedal turtle with large tusks on his lower jaw.


In the Showa era, Gamera was a prehistoric creature awakened from an iceberg during a dogfight between American and Soviet planes. In the Heisei era, Gamera was a guardian monster that was genetically engineered by the ancient Atlanteans to protect the planet from the Atlanteans' previous creation, Gyaos.


Showa EraEdit


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Gamera vs. BarugonEdit

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Gamera vs. GyaosEdit

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Gamera vs. VirasEdit

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Gamera vs. GuironEdit

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Gamera vs. JigerEdit

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Gamera vs. ZigraEdit

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Gamera: Super MonsterEdit

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Heisei EraEdit

Gamera: Guardian of the UniverseEdit

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Gamera 2: Attack of LegionEdit

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Gamera 3: Revenge of IrisEdit

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Gamera: The BraveEdit

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  • Flight - Gamera can tuck his limbs into his shell and fly at mach 3.5 using rockets located in his shell. Gamera can spin while flying or use his arms like wings. While spinning, Gamera is like a giant flying saw blade and can slam into enemies.
  • Fire Consumption and Breath - Gamera can eat fire and radioactive materials. Gamera can then spit the fire he has consumed in a concentrated blast of flame.
  • Plasma Fireballs - Gamera generates powerful burning plasma in his body's internal furnace and can release this energy by spitting powerful plasma fireballs.
  • Ultimate Plasma - After absorbing a large amount of fire or plasma, Gamera can spit an extremely powerful plasma fireball that was capable of decapitating Super Gyaos in one hit.
  • Ultimate Mana Blast - After absorbing a large amount of the Earth's Mana, Gamera can fire a massive powerful beam from his abdomen that was capable of vaporizing the Legion Queen in one hit.
  • Vanishing Plasma Fist - After severing his own hand, Gamera can use his Mana manipulation to form a flaming plasma fist in place of his hand. This fist was powerful enough to punch into Iris' body and destroy it from the inside.
  • Mana Manipulation - Gamera possesses a mastery of the substance known as Mana, a supernatural energy located inside of every living being on Earth. The amount of Mana contained in something depends on how much influence that organism has on the rest of the Earth. Because it is Gamera's duty to defend the entire planet, he possesses more Mana than any other creature on Earth and also has the ability to absorb and control Mana.
  • Fireball Ejection Suicide - As a last resort, Gamera can overload his internal furnace and explode, taking out any enemies near him.
  • Healing Factor - After suffering a serious wound, Gamera can go dormant for a period of time to completely heal his injury.
  • Intelligence - Gamera is said to be smarter than most humans and takes his duty as guardian of Earth very seriously. Gamera can detect threats to the Earth and undertake whatever measure us necessary to stop them.


Gamera's skin is easily pierced by enemy attacks as well as artillery fire. Though Gamera's shell is tougher than his skin, it too has been pierced by Gyaos' sonic cutter beams, Zigra's nose, Viras' head, Legion's plasma beam, and Iris' arm blades. Gamera is very selfless and when given the opportunity to save a specific human or group of humans he will put their safety above his own. Gamera never gives up and will fight even if the battle is completely lost, meaning he has been seriously injured while fighting for a lost cause. An example would be when Gamera threw himself in front of the Legion flower just as it seeded even though he was out of time to stop it.


Nightmare GameraEdit

Nightmare Gamera

Nightmare Gamera in Gamera 3:Revenge of Iris

Nightmare Gamera is a horrific demonic vision of Gamera that appears in the nightmares of Ayana Hirasaka, confirming her belief that Gamera killed her parents. Nightmare Gamera could actually be a projection of the Gyaos to cloud Ayana's judgement so that she can become Iris' host.



Toto in Gamera: The Brave

Following Gamera's death, another member of his kind hatched to take his place. Toto, as Gamera's successor is named by the boy who raised him, starts out as a normal-sized turtle with the ability to spit fireballs and fly, and eventually grows into an adult Gamera.


  • Gamera was conceived by Daiei Company Ltd. as a way to compete with the mascot of their rival company, Toho Company Ltd.'s Godzilla. Though he started out as an attempt to capitalize on Godzilla, Gamera gradually gained respect as his own character and a sizable fanbase.
  • Gamera's name comes from the Japanese word "kame" (turtle), and the suffix "ra," which is common in many kaiju names. The "k" was changed to a "g" presumably to capitalize on Godzilla.
  • Daiei supposedly asked Toho several times to make a crossover film featuring both Gamera and Godzilla, but Toho refused. Ironically, Toho helped to release the rebooted Gamera Trilogy in the late 1990's and later hired the films' director Shusuke Kaneko to direct a Godzilla film.
  • Before Daiei went bankrupt in the early 1970's, they planned to release several more Gamera films, including Gamera vs. the Wyvern, Gamera vs. Garasharp, and a film featuring all of Gamera's previous enemies.
  • Pipeworks attempted to get the rights to Gamera in order to include him in their 2007 video game Godzilla Unleashed, along with other monsters like Clover and King Kong.
  • Gamera's roar was reused by Toho for the roar of the Godzillasaurus in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah.


Gamera 2 Attack of Legion - Gamera vs04:58

Gamera 2 Attack of Legion - Gamera vs. Legion

Gamera 3 Revenge of Iris - Gamera vs07:41

Gamera 3 Revenge of Iris - Gamera vs. Hyper Gyaos

Gamera 3 Revenge of Iris - Gamera vs03:13

Gamera 3 Revenge of Iris - Gamera vs. Iris

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