Frostbite Spiders are giant-sized arachnids with a diet largely consistent of Skeever remains, and the occasional bandit that happens to come by. Native to Skyrim, these spiders are ferocious in combat and ones found in the mountains are much more formidable.


Neurotoxic Venom

The Frostbite Spider gets its name not only from its native habitats, but also through its poisonous bite. The poison it uses can slow down a target if enough is injected into it, and eventually, stop its victim's heart completely.

Environmental Adaptability

As mentioned before, Frostbite Spiders live largely at the tops of mountains. However, over time they may migrate to a slightly warmer climate where their bristles turn to a brown color; these spiders are noticeably smaller and weaker when compared to their mountainous cousins. The ones that inhabit the higher peaks are slightly larger and have a more potent venom.