Frick is a character who appears in Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed.


Aside from his face, Frick is a regular human being. The lower half of Frick's face, however, looks as though somebody warmed up some soft clay and pulled it down to his chest.


As Frick tells it, one day he found a hole behind his house. Not a hole in anything, just a hole. As the weeks and months passed, Frick became more and more fascinated with this hole. Where had it come from? Where did it go? Eventually one day he worked up the courage to stick his head in to see where the hole went, and the hole started to pull at him. After a titanic battle with the hole, Frick managed to pull his head clear, but by then the damage had been done, and Frick's face was the way it remains to this day.

Once people saw his disfigured face, Frick says, and the name-calling and snickering began, he took to the road and eventually found his way to Midian and a place amongst the Tribes of the Moon.

Frick's sister always said that Frick was a liar. Frick's sister was right.

What happened to Frick after the Sons of the Free destroyed Midian is unknown.