Freddy Krueger

Frederick Charles Krueger, more commonly known as Freddy, is the recurring antagonist of the horror-slasher franchise A Nightmare On Elm Street. Once a mortal man who lived a life of murder and perversion, he would be reborn through death as a creature that stalked the dreams of the innocent, able to slay people in their dreams and kill them in the real world.


Early life

Amanda Krueger, a nun who worked at Westin Hills Asylum, was accidentally locked in a room where one hundred maniacs were housed, they attacked her and raped her repeatedly until she was found, barely alive, and pregnant. On November 12, 1938, she gave birth to a boy named Frederick Charles Krueger, who was placed with an abusive alcoholic named Mr. Underwood.

While in elementary school, Freddy killed the class hamster and was picked on for being the son of one among a hundred maniacs. During his adult years he would cut himself with a shaving razor. He used the same razor to kill Mr. Underwood when he was beating him.

Springwood Slasher

As an adult, Freddy worked in a boiler room at the power plant and it was this place that would become his hideaway as he carried out his horrific crimes. For years, he abducted children from their homes and off the street, bringing them back to his boiler room where he tortured and killed them. Although he was eventually discovered and arrested for the murders, Freddy was released on a technicality: someone forgot to sign the search warrant in the right place. Outraged, the parents of Springwood banded together to put an end to Freddy's killing spree once and for all, tracking him back to his boiler room hideout and setting the place ablaze with Molotov cocktails.

As Freddy burned alive, he was approached by three Dream Demons who gave him the power to invade people's dreams. In life, he was a menace, but after his death he literally became the stuff of nightmares.

Nightmare on Elm Street

With his demonic power, Freddy Krueger could enter the dreams of Springwood's children and could terrorize and slaughter them in unimaginable ways. Whatever harm he inflicted on his victims in their dreams would affect their bodies in the waking world, leading to many incredible and outright impossible occurrences which always resulted in the death of one of Springwood's youth.

Freddy's rampage from beyond the grave was not without opposition, however. Over the years, he encountered those who had the power to take control of their own dreams who would fight back and deprive him of potential victims, even seemingly destroying him. But Freddy is persistent and stubborn in death, having returned multiple times to haunt Elm Street's children as they sleep.


Freddy usually appears in his victims' nightmares as a twisted, deformed version of his living self. He always appears wearing a red and green striped sweater, a dark fedora hat, black pants, and his trademark weapon from when he was alive: a leather gardening glove which has a razor-sharp blade attached to each finger. Having been burned to death, Freddy's appearance as a dream demon reflects his death: his skin appears horribly burned and scarred.


In the dream realm, Freddy is practically a god with a seemingly omnipotent presence. He is fueled by children's fear and he can do just about anything imaginable in his dream state. He can appear out of nowhere, change his size and shape and completely change the architecture of a person's dream at will, usually in accordance with a person's personality and their hopes and fears. Any injury he inflicts on a person in their dreams will also appear in the real world.


Freddy cannot spread his influence beyond Springwood. He can also be pulled out of the dream world, in which case, he is mortal, cannot use most of his powers (although he retains some of them like climbing up the ceiling or shapeshifting into his un-burnt self, as evidenced in Freddy's Dead), and can die. Despite the fact that he sometimes uses it to kill his victims, Freddy appears to be afraid of fire (as it was by fire that he died his mortal death). If fire is used against him in a dream, he can be pulled into the waking world.

Freddy has died multiple times only to keep returning to plague the town of Springwood. However, he cannot come back if people do not remember him. He has no power over those who aren't afraid of him.