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The original version of Frazzle.

"Frazzle" was first performed by Frazzle and the Frazzletones on Sesame Street in 1975. The Frazzletones sing about Frazzle's emotions, which Frazzle himself always expresses in an indecipherable snarl that sounds the same regardless of whether he's happy, sad, or angry. The first Frazzletone it starts with in the song when Frazzle runs away is Little Chrissy but he appears twice without and with the unknown Lavender Frazzletone monster. In the whole group, Frazzle starts to go untamed snarling.

Later airings of the song featured new graphics, with "rip lines" (from Poltergeist) appearing around the circles to make it appear as the monsters are bursting through the background, but the object is irregularly stretched. The lines may vibrate in a rougher speed depends on how uncalm Frazzle is. Sometimes, they may vibrate smoother when Frazzle has lowered the tone of his snarling.



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