The Forbidden Valley was one of the primary settings in the 1969 fantasy-western movie The Valley of Gwangi.

Description Edit

Located somewhere in Mexico, the Forbidden Valley was a remote and difficult-to-reach canyon far out in the desert. It was a dry and inhospitable place, with stunted, scrubby vegetation, a barren, rocky landscape and little water. What made this valley different to any other was the fact that it was something of a "lost world", a sanctuary for several breeds of creature who had been previously thought extinct.

Species in Residence Edit

  • Allosaurs lived in the Forbidden Valley, in particular the fearsome dinosaur known as Gwangi.
  • Styracosaurs, a species of herbivorous ceratopsian dinosaurs.
  • Pteranodons, a type of flying reptile dating from the age of the dinosaurs.
  • Eohippus, a genus of prehistoric horse-like mammal.
  • Ornithomimus, a species of omnivorous theropodian dinosaur.

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