Necromorph flyer

The Flyer is a winged Necromorph capable of flight. Its main form of attack is assaulting its prey from above. These creatures have only appeared in Dead Space: Extraction.

Overview Edit

Flyers are one of two types of Necromorphs unique to Dead Space: Extraction, the other being the Grabber. They are uncommon, appearing in only a few stages and in small numbers, and are not very threatening - their sole attack is to fly past the player and attempt to bite or slash them with their tails as they pass. A single hit will disrupt this attack and force them to fly away, and they cannot take much damage before being destroyed. This is helpful, as they have only one dismemberment point: their thin tails. However, they are quite hard to hit from a distance, and the speed with which they can dive makes waiting for them to attack the player and then shooting them, a tricky proposition.

They share a similar basic body structure with the Infector and the Leaper, but their relationship - if any - with this Necromorph is unknown (however, it is possible that they are less/further mutated versions of the Leapers.) A Flyer seems to consist of an upper torso twisted and flayed into a shape vaguely resembling a stingray, topped by a partially-skinned human skull and possessing a 'tail', presumably composed of either intertwined nerves, a dangling spinal column, or both. The arms are twisted forwards and fused to the cheeks, forming a crude "frame" for the wings. Human lungs can be seen attached to the Flyer's back, and it is possible that, similar to the Wheezers, these have been mutated into chemical production chambers and are used to help generate lighter-than-air gases that fill up the lungs and help Flyers fly. It's also possible that the Flyers were specially mutated by a Zero-G environment, which may also be the reason they can fly. They have horribly twisted facial features, such as the skin from the jaw, and part of the face has peeled away. Their jaw has also split in two. Unlike Infectors, Flyers move only through the air and possess considerable mobility and agility, making it difficult to shoot them while they are in a dive.

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