Flies are large insects that appear in the first Dungeon Keeper game. These are the first creatures that will be attracted to your dungeon and also the fastest creatures in the game. However, they are also the weakest creatures and are ill-suited to combat, but with their speed and flight, they can travel to places other creatures cannot, making them excellent scouts.

Abilities Edit

  • Flight - Obviously, flies can fly straight over environmental hazards like lava.
  • Melee - Flies attack by flailing their limbs and spitting corrosive vomit on foes.
  • Speed - Flies are the fastest of all dungeon-dwelling creatures, able to get in and out of enemy territory swiftly.
  • Sight - Flies can see invisible enemies.

Likes Edit

Flies are simple creatures with few wants and can be attracted to the dungeon with a minimal lair-space, treasury and hatchery.

Dislikes Edit

Spiders are the natural enemies of flies and will try to prey on them if they occupy the same lair.

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