Flesh Constructs are undead monsters which feature in Wyrd Games Malifaux universe.


Many Resurrectionist Masters in Malifaux fashion massive, brutish flesh golems to aid them in their study of the dark arts. Flesh Constructs are one of these creations, monstrosities stitched together from the carcasses of dead men and held together with soulstone magic and the sheer willpower of their masters. In true zombie form, these creatures have an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

They are most commonly found in the service of Guild Coroner Dr. Douglas McMourning.

Powers and Abilities


A Flesh Construct with it's hapless victim.

Enormous Strength

  • Flesh Constructs possess a high degree of superhuman strength, the whole having become greater than the sum of their parts. Flesh Constructs are capable of tossing fully-grown men around like rag dolls, breaking down solid oak doors with a single blow and pulverising tissue and bone in their powerful grips.

Unnatural Fortitude

  • Being magical undead creatures, Constructs are capable of shrugging off injuries that would fell a lesser man; bullets have little effect, while the blows of mortals are more of an inconvenience than a real threat. Even injuries which cripple or incapacitate a Construct can be repaired with a needle and thread, some spare body parts, and a few hours in the lab . . .

Immunity to Poison

  • Constructs born of the coroner's table, particularly those created by Dr. McMourning, have embalming fluids coursing through their veins. This means that not only does poison have no effect on them, but they actually thrive on it, growing stronger as more toxins enter their systems.


  • While this may at first glance appear to be a weakness, most Constructs are created for manual labour or combat. Their lack of intelligence makes them extraordinarily resistant to outside influence, their single-mindedness being hard to overcome by most would-be possessors.

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