Flatwoods Monster Front Cover (B)

Painting of the Monster

The Flatwoods Monster (also known as the Braxton County Monster or Frametown Monster) is a cryptid sighted in Flatwoods, West Virginia and Frametown, West Virginia, respectively.

It is believed to be of extraterrestrial nature.


The entity was initially reported as being about 10 feet tall and 4 feet wide. It appeared to be some sort of robotic suit or spacecraft rather than an organic being.

It had a 'cowl' in the shape of an ace of spades behind a red round head.

Set in the head were two eyes, described as 'portholes', glowing green-orange and the size of half-dollars.

The 'body' was a metallic armored structure lined with thick vertical pipes. Discrepancies exist in the actual color of the armor, some claiming it to be black while others saying green.

The existence of arms is a similar matter. Most state the monster was arm less, while others claim it possessed small, "toy-like" arms.

The Frametown Monster, believed to be the same creature from Flatwoods, bore similar pipe-lined metallic armour from the waist down. From the wasit up, however, the being was a reptilian humanoid.

September 12th, 1952Edit

It's just before nightfall in the town of Flatwoods, West Virginia, when three young boys playing at the schoolyard witness a bright object cut through the darkening sky and into the nearby woods. They arrive at the crash site soon after, having gained a few heads, a flashlight and a dog, belonging to neighbor Gene Lemon.

As they neared the crash site, the group noticed a pungent, nauseating "mist" that had pervaded the area. Up ahead, a pulsating red light was piercing through the darkness. As they approached, Lemon glimpsed a pair of inhuman eyes shining in the darkness. He drew his flashlight quickly, illuminating a towering figure standing below a midnight tree. They caught sight of the entity for only a moment before it emitted a high-pitched "hissing" sound and floated toward them. A scream filled the night air, the flashlight hit the ground and the group fled down the mountain, horrified by what many call a "close encounter of the third-kind."

Later, the site was investigated by the county sheriff and his deputy, accompanied by many townsfolk that had to see the "monster" for themselves. To their disappointment, there was no sign of the monster. However, some claimed to smell a pungent odor in the area, reminiscent of the tale told by Lemon and his entourage.

Other, more extreme sightings were reported that night, many mentioning strange lights in the sky and one claiming to have seen a UFO lift vertically from the ground as if in lift-off. A young woman claimed to have seen the same creature weeks before -- an encounter so horrific that she was hospitalized for three weeks. Another woman claimed that the evening before the incident her house shook as if in an earthquake and her radio cut out for nearly 45 minutes.

The next morning, with the sun hanging high in the sky, reporters arrived and noticed skid marks in a nearby field, accompanied by a strange oil-like substance and bits thumb-sized metal, described as being similar in appearance to melted solder.

The evidence was sent to a lab in Washington, D.C., for examination, however the results never surfaced.

Lemon's dog, having come down with a vomit-inducing sickness, died two days later.

Many will never forget the nightmare of the "Flatwoods Monster." Some say there is no question that something strange had landed in Braxton County, West Virginia that chilly September night. The question, they believe, is just how far it had traveled.

September 13th, 1952Edit

Though the sequence of events that occured on September 12th are known by many, what came the day after is a story not often told.

A man, accompanied by his wife and child, were taking a leisurely drive through the mountains of Frametown, West Virginia. The sun was sinking below the trees, and everything was fine until their vehicle suddenly came to a stop. Unable to get it started again and beginning to smell something awful outside, they exit the vehicle in hopes to spot the culprit and be on their way. However, what they spotted instead was more horrifying than they could have ever imagined. From the waist down it was armored, like the Flatwoods Monster, but from the waist up it was a reptilian humanoid. This creature, believed to be the same being Flatwoods had seen the night before, is known as the "Frametown Monster."

Explanations and SpeculationEdit

The most popular explanation is that the "Flatwoods Monster" was actually a common Barn Owl, known to emit sounds similar to the "hissing" heard by Lemon and company. Skeptics claim that the underbrush blended with the owl in the darkness, causing the owl to appear larger.


Comparison of the Monster and a Barn Owl

What of the "UFO" you might ask? Or the mysterious red glow? Well, the bright object seen by the three boys at the schoolyard was denounced by skeptics as a meteor. The red light was said to be a beacon on an aircraft passing overhead. The sickness that inflicted the witnesses was attributed to overwhelming anxiety.

The witnesses, however, hold strong in their belief that what visited Braxton County that night was not a Barn Owl. Could so many people make an owl in the dark into a 10 foot metal being from outer space?


The three young boys that witnessed the object in the sky were all asked to sit down and sketch the creature they witnessed on the night of September 12th. The three drawings are very similar.

1952 drawing

The witness' drawings, side-by-side.

Could the Flatwoods Monster be a government cover-up, as so many people believe?

It is said that on September 12th, 1952, the government shot down three UFOs from the sky, presumably dropped from a mother ship. What crashed in Flatwoods, West Virginia was only one of those. Some say troops stayed in Flatwoods overnight, apparently under order that they wait and see if anything else happens out of the ordinary. 

As for the Monster's intentions? We can never be sure. It may have been frightened, having just landed, presumably from force, on a possibly strange world full of even stranger creatures with unknown intentions. If its spacecraft was shot out of the sky, as theory suggests, it may have been, understandably, a little biased on its relations with the human race.

It could be said that, from its perspective, we were the monsters.

Or, it could have an owl, which, flying through the dark September sky, had no second thought of the frightened humans it encountered.

The truth may never be known. But when you look at the night sky, observing the stars, think of what might reach beyond them. Could it be a planet of reptilians with armored suits? Could one of them, or all of them, know what waits on this planet we call Earth? Is one of those aliens telling a similar story to ours this very second? 



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