The Flamelurker

The Flamelurker is a creature from the Armor Spider Archstone (level 2-2) of Demon's Souls. He is a large demonic entity whose physical form is shrouded in fire, found deep within the Dragon Burial Ground beneath the Stonefang Tunnel (level 2-1).

Powers and Abilities Edit


The Flamelurker in combat

Berzerk Rage Edit

The Flamelurker is a furious being, charging at the player at full speed during most of its' appearance.

Immunity to the Inferno Edit

The Flamelurker is engulfed in flames during the entire combat, taking no damage whatsoever from its condition.

Frenzied Speed Edit

As previously mentioned, the Flamelurker charges at the player throughout most of the fight, as well as pouncing when it has the opportunity.

Weaknesses Edit

Magical Susceptability Edit

Coating your weapon with certain alchemical resins, or imbuing it with magical properties, enables the player to deal significantly more damage to the Flamelurker.

Corner Trap Edit

If a player leads the Flamelurker into a certain corner of the arena, it will simply be incapable of getting out of that corner if you strike it in a certain rhythm.

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