Fire Wolf Pup

A fire wolf pup

Fire wolves are lupine elemental creatures that appear in the cartoon series Adventure Time. These beasts behave in much the same way as regular wolves do, but their physiology couldn't be more different. The body of a fire wolf appears as though it is made of burning hot coal, its coat is charcoal-black and covered in fiery orange cracks. The creature's eyes and mouth also glow like fire.

Behaviour Edit

Fire wolves behave in a similar manner to regular wolves. They travel and hunt in tight-knit packs. They are natural enemies to cold-based creatures such as the snow golems of the Ice Kingdom.

Abilities Edit

Fire wolves generate an intense amount of heat. Their very touch can burn wood and melt snow, and they are also capable of breathing flames when agitated. They have a highly acute sense of smell and hearing.

Environment Edit

Fire wolves usually inhabit the Land of Ooo's Flame Kingdom as it is the only environment hot enough for them to survive in for long periods of time.

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