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In Norse mythology Fenrir (old norse Fen-dweller) or Fenrisúlfr (old norse Fenris-wolf) is depicted as a monstrous wolf. Although some believe he is a warg or giant wolf. He is a son of Loki and father of the wolves Sköll and Hati. According to legend, Fenrir is going to kill Odin during the


A sketch of Fenrir

Norse doomsday of Ragnarök, although he is going to get killed by Odin's son Viðarr.

Fenrir is mentioned in three stanzas in the poem Voluspa:

Then is fulfilled in Hlin's

second sorrow

when Odin goes

to fight the wolf,

and Beli's slayer,

bright, against Surtr.

Then shall Frigg's

sweet friend fall.

There are also many other runestones still surviving depicting people or gods fighting Fenrir. For example, Thorwald's cross depicts a bearded man holding a spear over a wolf with his foot in his mouth.

in an attempt to capture him, the gods challenged him to a test of strength which he succeeded, breaking the chains that bound him. eventually, though, he was tied with a magic ribbon, but will break free at the end of the world.

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