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Feeders are gaunt, skeletal Necromorphs that appear in Dead Space 3. These creatures are created from humans that have ingested meat tainted with the Necromorph contagion.

Overview Edit

During a failed operation by Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces on the frozen planet Tau Volantis, food supplies began running dangerously low. Facing starvation, the desperate SCAF officers resorted to feeding on Necromorph flesh. This, however, led to the humans being slowly corrupted from within.

Slowly but surely, those who fed on infected meat started to turn into Necromorphs themselves. At first, it caused the subjects to become more ravenous and start feeding on anything remotely edible, but over time the subjects' mental faculties would deteriorate and they would lose all powers of reason, savagely attacking their uninfected fellows and feeding on them.

The infectees would eventually convert entirely, being reduced to skeletal monstrosities: Feeders. As the name suggests, Feeders are perpetually hungry and constantly lurk about in search of food. They have adopted a pack mentality and always gather in large groups in order to overwhelm prey. Their mouths distend into grotesque maws capable of enveloping a human cranium and their fingers have elongated into sharp claws for ripping prey to pieces.

Feeders are almost totally blind, however, they possess overly acute hearing and will swiftly react to any noise made in their territory. They are weaker than other Necromorphs and do not need to be dismembered in order to kill them permanently; a shot to the head is enough to kill a Feeder.

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