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Fairies Edit

Fairies are known throughout folklore and fables everywhere, but the truth behind them is something to behold.

Powers in elements Different fairies have different elements, resulting in different powers, appearances, and even traits. The elements of monsters can be separated into groups based on powers. The groups are as follows; grass, fire, water, sky, ground, ice, dark, and light. If two fairies of different elements have a baby (known as a sprite) then the sprite will have both of the elements in its power, like if sky and water combined, they would create a mist fairy. The royals of the fairies are known as the element fairies, they can change form into any element at anytime. (Note: must be in bloodline, using a family tree and combining throughout will now create an element fairy.)

Appearance: Wings (depending on element) about the size of body, can change height to human height or small, most have a weapon that comes to aid in battle (varies from sword, whip, arrows, etc. -fairy chooses weapon-)

Traits Most fairies are friendly and will help humans who need aid, if annoyed they can either forgive or become enraged (elements: grass: more likely to forgive, fire: more likely enraged, water: more forgiving, sky: half and half chance, ground: more likely calm, dark: more enraged chance, light: calm and happy) but no matter the element, each fairy should be treated with respect.

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