The Exploder is a type of Necromorph that appears in each of the Dead Space games. They act as "suicide bombers", relentlessly advancing on and destroying their prey and themselves by bursting the huge pustules they carry.

Biology Edit

An Exploder appears to be made from a single human corpse. The host's head appears to be cracked open vertically, with the brain cavity being filled with connective tissue, turning the two halves of the head into "jaws".

The left arm of the host stiffens and loses all points of articulation below the shoulder. A massive pustule filled with a glowing yellow fluid develops on the end of the arm which is heavy and unwieldy. The luminescent pus is highly volatile and the swelling will detonate violently if enough pressure is applied. To prevent premature detonation, the Exploder's right arm and legs have been reconfigured in such a way so as to act as a counter-weight.

Behaviour Edit

Exploders lurch towards prey and will attempt to kill them by hammering their glowing pus sacs on the ground and rupturing them, destroying themselves and their intended targets. Like most Necromorphs, the Exploder can be stopped by severing its limbs and the pustule on its left arm provides an obvious weak spot. However, it is also possible for the Exploder's pus sac to be severed without detonating it or killing the creature. Should an Exploder survive having its sac severed, it will continue - albeit at a much slower pace - to advance on its prey and attack by biting with its skull jaws.

Exploders are commonly encountered in groups and their awkward cackling cries will give their presence away.

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