SU Evil Flower

Evil Flowers are plant-based Dark Gaia minions that appear as enemies in the nighttime stages of Sonic Unleashed. They were once ordinary plants, but were mutated by exposure to the Dark Gaia energy that spread throughout the world after Dr. Eggman shattered the planet.

Overview Edit

The Evil Flower resembles a dandelion with blue leaves decorated with pink splotches. The flower's head glows pink. Though they are immobile, Evil Flowers can still pose a threat; when Sonic the Werehog draws near, they become active and will fire blasts of evil energy at him. Fortunately, the energy balls don't inflict much damage on their own and the flowers are weak. Sonic can kill the flowers with a few hits.

Trivia Edit

  • Since the Evil Flower is deemed immobile, it leaves the question of how the Evil Flowers could travel to Eggmanland in order to rejoin Dark Gaia.

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