She was born from the ghoul Yoshimura and human Ukina. Her mother, Ukina, was forcibly killed by Yoshimura under the command of the V organization whose Yoshimura cannot oppose. Later, Yoshimura left his infant daughter to 24th ward with Ukina's journal. She grew up in the 24th ward with other ghouls and begin to bear a great hatred to the world. This results her to cannibalize other ghouls and eventually became a kakuja. After obtaining her kakuja, she began killing the CCG investigators which led the CCG to gave her the SSS rating and the title as the infamous one-eyed owl. Yoshimura, knowing this fact, numerously covered her daughter by acting as the owl, but this got discovered by the CCG and they gave him the nickname the "Non-killing Owl", as Yoshimura only injures theCCG investigators as opposed to Eto's brutal killing.


At some time in her teens, she lives as Sen Takatsuki and began her debut as a writer. Her debut work, Dear Kafka, became a best seller with over 500,000 copies sold. Eventually she became the protagonist Kaneki Ken's favorite writer. At some time, she held a meet and greet event in which Kaneki and Hinami attended together. She quickly befriended Hinami and gave her bussiness card the second time they met at a cafe. It is possible that she may be the one who lures Hinami into joining Aogiri.During the Anteiku raid, she appeared after Yoshimura was injured and 'saved' him by swallowing him whole while in her kakuja form. After she swallowed him, she fought the undefeated CCG investigator Kishou Arima in which she later ran away from. After arriving at a save zone, she threw her father out and quit her kakuja form in a naked state, revealing herself to be Eto, Takatsuki Sen, and the one-eyed owl at the same time. Later she is shown talking to Dr. Kanou about the new experiments while looking at her father stored unconciously inside a water tube as the doctor prepares to create a new Kaneki to replace him.


In the anime series, she first appears in Season 1 Episode 10 where she is waiting on the roof of a CCG Compound waiting the orders to leave while Tatara, Noro, and the Bin Brothers are downstairs killing and mutilating countless CCG Operatives. She's eventually toldd by Tatara that the compound is empty and that they can all go now. She then gets up and leaves the deserted compound. Eto appears again in episdoe 11 where the CCG are preparing to beseige the Aogiri Hideout and she and Tatara leave and stay at a nearby bridge while the rest of her team stays behind to defend different parts of the hideout. In season 2 she's seen again after she and Tatara oversee the battle at the hideout and eventually its destruction. After the hideout was completely destroyed, Eto appearrs again where she and her team are greeting Kaneki who's decided to quit Anteiku and join Aogiri. She waves to him after he puts on new gear and walks away with Kaneki not far behind.During the Aogiri takeover of the 9th and 10th Wards, she's one of the Aogiri Operatives during the Aogiri Raid on the Ghoul Detention Center where hundreds if not thousands of ghouls are being detained and is there during the raid. She demontratess her powers as she ruthlessly slaughters nearby CCG Guards and helps thousands of ghouls escape and break out of jail. Eto helps Aogiri replenish its numbers and helps the organization grow and expand beyond other ghoul organizations could ever do.


When she's out on missions, Eto wears a very childish attire with bandages wrapped around her body and a dark pink cloak around her body. She also wears a bright pink neckscarf with flowers on it. When she operates as her human identity of Takatsuki Sen, she wears dark blue robes around her and has a very sleepy expresion on her face. She has light skin and long green hair. Her hair is always in a very sloppy fashion but it's based off of her mother. As the One-Eyed Owl, she wears a large mask with a hole in the right side and zigzag lines down on the left. There are two lines down in near the mouth and is slanted downwards. After 10 years of use, her mask has now grown horns and markings on the forehead, and has s ingle eye right in between the eyes.


Eto has a very split personality due to her ghoul nature like many other ghouls.As a ghoul she displays a sadistic personality often killing people in very bloody and brutal matters. She was willing to cut off the legs of Yukinori Shinohara in order to have him "match" woth the injuries of Juuzou Suzuya. She also taunted both Nashiro and Kurona about their parents' death and has no remorse for killing both humans and ghouls alike. This is most likely from expierences from fighting in the 24th Ward.In her human form she's the opposite. Eto has a very childish personality and is very calm and uplifting. She's also very clumsy and ditzy in her human identity often oversleeping on various occasions even druing a book signing but is happy when its prohibited by her manager.

Powers and Abilities

Ukaku Kagune: Eto's kagune is very strong as it has the ability to form feathers that can shoot bullets like her father's. She has a very diverse set of powers due to the strength of her kagune.Kakuja Kagune: Eto has a kakuja Kagune as a result of committing various acts of cannabilsm and devouring many ghouls during her time in the 24th Ward. She takes the appearance of a large giant create when she's in her owl mode and has two large blades from her shoulders.Brute Strength: Eto is the strongest ghoul so far seen in the series with a SSS Rating from the CCG.


Eto with her mask on.Eto with Tatara, Noro, and the Bin Brothers on top of the Aogiri Hideout.Eto and Tatara standing on top of a CCG Compound.Kakuja


After the Anteiku Raid, the Chairman of the CCG, Tsuneyoshi Washuu believes that Eto and the One Eyed King are the same and that she must be defeated at all costs.Eto is the only known natural One-Eyed Ghoul known to date.Eto's hybrid nature can be used to bypass CCG RC Scanners at their headquarters.Her books often contain and reflect dark themes in tee life of a Ghoul.

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