Many ents

A group of Ents.

The Ents are a race of sapient tree-like creatures in the J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series. Known by the elves as the Onodrim, they were created at roughly the same time in Middle Earth's history as the elves. Though already sapient, they didn't know how to speak, which the elves then taught them. They were created as guardians of the trees, protecting them from those who were likely to chop them down, such as the dwarves and Sauron's Orcs. The word 'ent' is derived from the original Anglo-Saxon word for 'giant', meaning that ents, though only tree-people in Tolkien's work, could be anything larger than the normal human but still mortal, including giants, trolls and the Grendel from the Norse myth of Beowulf.


The Ent's appearance is based around the trees they guard. If an Ent guards Huorn (trees that have developed sapience, turning into wild killing machines only calmed by the presence of an Ent), than it will be tall and slender like the Huorns themselves. Their basic appearance is that of a giant tree, but with many human features including a face, hands (large areas at the end of their branches with smaller branches resembling fingers growing from them) and feet (stumps at the bottom of their body, each with a set of toe-like roots). Like the rest of the Ent's body, the amount of fingers and toes differs per Ent.