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This is an endermen

An enderman is a monster from the indie sandbox game Minecraft. They were realeased in the 1.8 update of Minecraft Beta and as of 1.9.4 they have their own dimension named The End. To get to the End you must Eye of Ender on naturally spawned portals.They are 3 metres tall and when they walk they have purple mist (identical to the mist that comes from the Nethers Portal) follows. When they are killed they drop Ender Pearls.They are the only mob able to pick blocks up and place them again. If you look at an Enderman it will look back at you and freeze while screaming. The moment your crossbar is off it, it will teleport or sprint towards you very quickly. If you hit an enderman they will take damage, teleport and continue attacking. In the version 1.9 Minecraft Beta they can dodge arrows.

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