Eliminators are mutated monkeys that appear in Resident Evil Zero. They are the first breed of mammalian B.O.W.'s created by the Umbrella Corporation during their early days in the field of bio-weapons research. An Eliminator is created after injecting a large monkey with the T-virus. The virus causes the monkeys to become increasingly hostile towards any living thing and causes the specimens' muscle tissue to expand and harden to the point that it tears through the skin. Eliminators are nimble creatures and use their agility and short stature to their advantage as they overwhelm their prey.

Eliminators were considered nonviable as B.O.W.'s since they were far too difficult to control and would not follow orders. A few of the creatures had yet to be disposed of and were used by the clone of James Marcus to kill any Umbrella agents who invaded the defunct Umbrella Management Training Facility in the Arklay Mountains.