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noble elf

An elf (plural: elves) is a type of supernatural being in Germanic mythology and folklore.Early elves, whose description depends almost entirely on Norse mythology texts, were a race of beings with magical skills, ambivalent towards humans and capable of either helping or hindering them.But Christianized societies were viewing elves in increasingly sinister light.In Anglo-Saxon England as early as the 10th century, Old English medical books attest to elves afflicting humans and livestock by "elf-shots". The German elf or alp was seen as an "addler" of people in medical books, but already in the High Middle Ages there were prayers warding against it as the agent causing nightmares, and eventually for the alp its identity as nightmare spirits became predominant.In English literature of the Elizabethan era, "elves" became conflated with the "fairies" of Romance culture, so that the two terms began to be used interchangeably. Romanticist writers were influenced by this (particularly Shakespearean) notion of the "elf," and reimported the word Elf in that context into the German language.

Capabilities Edit

User with this ability either is or can transform into a elf (also known as Alvar, Daoine Sidhe, Sidhe, etc.), who are either close relatives for faery or near-mortals with exceptional living-span and magical inclination, there just doesn't really seem to be anything between. In general all elves appear humanoids of close to human size (some are notably smaller, other good deal taller), beautiful, young-looking or ageless, graceful and generally both wondrous and haughty. Although some (especially those of the Primal back-ground) could pass as particularly attractive humans, most have distinctive look of slender physique, vulpine facial features and arresting eyes, but especially their ears that range from but human sized with points to variously elongated. While most have relatively normal skin-tones, some have anything but (blue seems common); this includes both groups.

As mentioned elves are divided into two broad groups that can be described as Lesser/Modern and Mythic/Primal: the Elves of Modern group are near-mortal, with closer to human abilities and also potential (amusingly they also tend towards more haughty behavior). Primal Elves are very close to Fae, many of them powerful enough that they were considered Gods (Vanir of Norse Deity Physiology, Tuatha Dé Danann of Celtic Deity Physiology) in earlier times. Regardless of which group they belong, all elves share certain traits including grace, some magical ability and skill with both close combat (especially swords) and marksmanship (with bows).

Of all Faery-kind they are most likely to create and live in their own communities, nations and states of varying sizes. While Modern Elves have their Kingdoms and lands in Physical world, Primal Elves tend to live Under-Hill, Other Side or simply on the plane where their Faery-cousins dwell.

Applications Edit

Lesser/Modern ElvesEdit

Mythic/Primal ElvesEdit

Variations Edit


 ◾High elves are distinguished from other fantasy elves by their place of living, as they usually dwell in stone cities, instead of woods, like wood-elves. High elves and dark elves can be used to contrast respectively the good elves and the evil elves. Typically high elves consider themselves the most purely good race of all, and haughtily view all other races beneath them, especially other elven races, and they are usually the most magically developed of all elves.

Half-Elves ◾Result of Elven and (usually) human relationship, those with Modern ancestry are unlikely to add much more to their mortal other parents abilities than Decelerated Aging, although even there exceptions happen

Grey Elves ◾Usually not as civilized (and haughty) as High Elves, but neither as sullen and xenophobic as Wood Elves, who live in a quasi-feudal societies. They often live either near sea or large lakes or at remote islands and are extremely proficient mariners and seafarers. Not as proficient in magic, arts and sciences as High Elves, but excellent on poetry, music, lore and epic literature.

Noble Elf:

Wielders may possess extra abilities if Modern Elven parent is a member of a unique subraace. This is because the inherited abilities of said elf combined with the inherited power of their Mythic parent, the hybrid's inherited connection with Nature will be stronger than those of normal elves.

Space/Star Elves ◾"A subrace of elves that reside in the stars". These type of elves live in space and reside in communities where magic and technology are one. This means that the technology they use will either be crystalline, or organic constructs that are both in tune with nature and capable of destroying whole cities

Christmas Elves: Elves which help Santa with his workshop. These smaller more youthful elves can endure intense cold and require little rest. They were featured in Youtuber Xian the Minimalist's Monster Biology series for the first Christmas special.


Known Users Edit

◾Tinisha Dolaira (The Young Guardians)

◾ Arwen (The Lord of the Rings)

◾ Legolas (The Lord of the Rings)

◾ Elrond (The Lord of the Rings)

◾ Galadriel (The Lord of the Rings)

◾ Deedlit (Record of the Lodoss War)

◾ Elves (RPGs); including all books and comics based on them

◾ Eldar (J. R. R. Tolkien)

◾ leShay (Dungeons & Dragons); Mythic/Primal Elves.

◾ Elves (ElfQuest)

◾ Alvar (Viking Mythology)

◾ Sidhe (Celtic Mythology)

◾ Mystical Elf (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

◾ Celtic Guardian (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

◾ Obnoxious Celtic Guard (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

◾ Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle)

◾ Elves (The Inheritance Cycle)

◾ Dragon Riders (The Inheritance Cycle)

◾ Blood Elves (Warcraft)

◾ Night Elves (Warcraft)

◾ High Elves (Warcraft)

◾ Felblood Elves (Warcraft)

◾ Wretched (Warcraft)

◾ Darkfallen (Warcraft)

◾ High Elves (Warhammer)

◾ Dark Elves (Warhammer)

◾ Wood Elves (Warhammer)

◾ Bus Driver Elf (Shadow Falls)

◾House-elves (Harry Potter)

◾ Mer/Elves (Elder Scrolls franchise) ◾ Altmer/High Elves (Elder Scrolls franchise)

◾ Dunmer/Dark Elves (Elder Scrolls franchise)

◾ Bosmer/Wood Elves (Elder Scrolls franchise)

◾ Orsimer/Orcs (Elder Scrolls franchise)

◾ Snow Elves (Elder Scrolls franchise)

◾ Falmer (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

◾ Dwemer (Elder Scrolls franchise)

◾ Bretons (Elder Scrolls franchise)

◾ Aldmer (Elder Scrolls franchise)

◾ Ayleid (Elder Scrolls franchise)

◾ Chimer (Elder Scrolls franchise)

◾ Left-handed Elves (Elder Scrolls franchise)

◾ Maormer/Sea Elves (Elder Scrolls franchise)

◾ Cantemiric Velothi (Elder Scrolls franchise)

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