Elegen is a member of the Hyper-Zoanoid Team Five from the Bioboosted Armour Guyver anime and manga. His zoaform shares many characteristics with the electric eel, as evidenced mainly by the shape of his head and also his powers. Elegen is essentially a biological battery and can generate up to 2 million volts of electrical power within his body. He can transmit this enormous charge to his enemies through his whip-like tentacles and can levitate when he reaches maximum current.

In his human form, Elegen appears to be a slender Caucasian male and is completely bald.



In the Guyver manga and 2005 TV series, Elegen and the rest of Team Five first appear when Sho Fukamachi (Guyver-I) makes his first attempt to rescue his kidnapped father and the Segawa siblings. During the confrontation, Elegen strikes the Guyver's control medal with one of his electrified tentacles and the electrical surge disrupts the Guyver's connection to Sho's brain, causing the bio-boosted armour to disengage and Sho to lose consciousness.

Much later, shortly after Sho's fight against the re-optimized Aptom, the Hyper-Zoanoid Team Five investigate the scene of the battle. The half-reconstituted Aptom lunges out of the trees and grabs Elegen, slowly absorbing the Hyper-Zoanoid into his own form and gaining his powers.


Elegen meets a different fate in the 12-part Guyver OVA. He and his comrades first appear when Richard Guyot assumes command of Cronos Japan and attack Sho's high school in order to force the Guyver into a confrontation. In the sixth episode, Elegen and fellow Hyper-Zoanoid Derzerb are attacked by Guyver-I after he regenerates inside the Cronos Japan building. After Derzerb is killed, Elegen attacks the Guyver but has his tentacles sliced off by the Guyver's high-frequency blades. He then has his arm severed and is left for dead. However, Elegen holds on to life for a while longer until ZX-Tole finds him. He begs ZX-Tole to absorb his bio-energy in order to become stronger and destroy the Guyver. With some reluctance, ZX-Tole grants Elegen his last wish and transforms into his "ultimate state" by draining Elegen's power. This turned out to be futile as ZX-Tole was still defeated by Guyvers I and III.


  • Bioelectricity - Elegen can generate up to 2 million volts of power within his body.
  • Iono-craft Effect - At maximum current, Elegen becomes airborne.
  • Tentacles - Elegen's tentacles are electrical whips designed to crack and shock the weakest points of his foe.
  • Symbiosis - Elegen shares some kind of symbiotic relationship with ZX-Tole. He is capable of recharging ZX-Tole's bio-blasters and can even merge with him to form "Ultimate ZX-Tole".