Electro-Koopas are a variant of Koopa that appear in Super Mario Sunshine. These Koopas are of the quadruped variety and are so named because of the electrified shells they wear. There are three different types of Electro-Koopa which are listed below:-

  • Blue - Blue Electro-Koopas are the most common type that Mario will encounter. They can attack from a considerable distance by taking their shells off and then throwing them towards Mario. Like a boomerang, the shells return after being thrown. Mario can defeat Blue Electro-Koopas by spraying them with water to make them vulnerable to their own electric shells, or by stomping on them when their shells are off.
  • Red - Red Electro-Koopas can be found crawling along metal fences. They do not throw their shells and so Mario cannot touch them, but can defeat them by punching, or ground-pounding the opposite side of the fence they are crawling on.
  • Green - There is also a green breed of Electro-Koopa similar in appearance to the red-shelled variety. It slept on top of a metal grate behind the Ferris Wheel in Pinna Park, where electrical discharge from its shell made the ride spin uncontrollably fast. Mario had to defeat this Electro-Koopa by flipping the grate beneath its belly, causing it to fall in the water, and making a Shine Sprite appear atop the flag on the Ferris Wheel. After the Electro-Koopa is defeated, the Ferris Wheel's speed returns to normal.

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