Edward Caerleon is one of the twelve Zoalords from Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour. As one of Cronos' divine leaders, he commands and controls Zoanoids via telepathy. He supposedly heralds from Great Britain, his name alluding to a historical Welsh town of Arthurian legend. His human form is that of a handsome young Caucasian male with long blond hair and pointed ears. His battle form is adorned with natural armour consisting of multiple curved plates.


Caerleon has only made sparing appearances throughout the Guyver manga. His first appearance was during the destruction of Relic's Point when he arrived along with the other Zoalords to help destroy the Relic. Over two years since that day, he has been assigned to protect the zoacrystals taken from his deceased comrades PurgstallYentsui and Waferdanos. Standing guard over the crystals aboard the Ark, he is suddenly confronted by the mysterious being known as Apollon. Caerleon changes to his battle form and attempts to confound Apollon with his "shadow copies", but Apollon was capable of copying his abilities and overpowered him. Apollon stole the zoacrystals of Caerleon's departed comrades and extracted Caerleon's own crystal from his head before disappearing. Caerleon is still alive, but that is unlikely to last. The loss of his zoacrystal has left him as a withered husk and he is expected to die soon.


Caerleon Zoalord

In his battle form, Caerleon could enter a pocket dimension and project three "shadows" into the real world. Each of these was identical to him in appearance and power, but intangible and thus invulnerable. He would use negatively-charged ionized plasma bursts to strike at his enemy.