Dyme is a member of the Lost Number Commandos in Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour. He, along with his comrades Aptom and Somlum, were assigned to protect Richard Guyot following the destruction of Cronos Japan by the Guyvers Sho Fukamachi and Agito Makishima.


After the fall of Cronos Japan, the Lost Number Commandos accompanied Commander Guyot to the Makishima residence to meet with Agito to plot how to best eliminate Guyver-I. Agito, not yet aware that Guyot suspected he was Guyver-III, excused himself from the meeting and shortly after returned in Guyver form to try and kill Guyot. Guyot berated Dyme as he was supposed to be keeping watch for intruders, but of course, since Agito was Guyver-III and bio-boosted within his own house, he completely evaded Dyme's notice. Dyme and the other Lost Numbers intervened to protect Guyot and Agito was forced to withdraw in order to keep up his deception.

While Agito led a squad of Cronos troops to abduct Mizuki and Tetsuro Segawa, the Lost Numbers were sent after Sho  as he and his new ally Masaki Murakami attempted to rescue Sho's father Fumio, who had also been kidnapped. Dyme set the stage for the battle by merging with the surrounding environment, using the earth and trees to ensnare both Murakami and the Guyver. However, since he possessed telepathic power similar to a Zoalord, Murakami was able to command Dyme to release him and Sho, allowing them to gain the upper hand.

Dyme was compelled to obey Murakami's order as all Zoanoids must obey the Zoalords. By releasing Sho, Dyme inadvertently allowed him to kill Somlum. When he tried to recapture Sho, the Guyver thrust his high-frequency sword into the ground, striking at Dyme's "core essence", as it were. The vibrations of the blade destabilised the molecular bonds between Dyme and the earth he had fused with, and so Dyme lost his ability to maintain his form and was destroyed.

Zoanoid Data

Dyme is truly unique amongst Zoanoids. He does not have a battleform like other Zoanoids; instead, his body transforms into a liquid and merges with the surrounding environment, allowing him to manipulate the ground, rocks and plants over a certain radius. With this power, Dyme can shift the battleground into his comrades' favour. His ability was not unlimited; the longer or further he remained dispersed, the more difficult it would become to hold himself together. Dyme was killed when Guyver-I drilled his vibro-blade into the ground and sent intense vibrations through his body until his molecules lost coherence.

In human form, Dyme appears as a stocky, bald man with blank eyes.