dwarf is a humanoid creature originating from Germanic mythology. They are short, stout beings that dwell underground and within mountains. They look very similar to humans, but they only stand at half the average human height. Their faces are usually hidden behind thick, bushy beards; even dwarven females grow beards and telling the genders apart can be difficult since both appear and behave in such a similar manner.

Dwarves are famed for their industry. Being creatures of the earth, their livelihood comes primarily from mining precious minerals and performing great feats of engineering and stoneworking. They possess great strength and do not tire as easily as humans, their lives spent primarily underground having hardened them into perfect labourers and also warriors.

Being creatures of industry, and depending on the source material, dwarves tend to be wary of magic. They shun the use of magic and have made enemies of those who practise it. They are particularly disdainful towards elves.