Duvalia is a form of Plaga mutation that appears in Resident Evil 5. This abomination is the rarest form of Plaga to come from Majini hosts and the most terrifying. When it emerges, it rips open the host's entire upper body, dragging the mangled torso and ribcage of the host along like an obscene tail. The Duvalia appears as some kind of flower-shaped crustacean; it is little more than a gruesome maw on top of a pair of human legs. Its movements are slow and it cannot jump or climb, but killing it can be tricky as its maw stays closed until it gets close; bullets will just ricochet off of its carapace.

When up close, the Duvalia will either bludgeon its enemy to death by slamming them to the ground with its closed maw, or open its maw to engulf prey and eat a victim's whole upper body. Shooting the Duvalia's legs or tail can stun it and cause its maw to hang open. The inside of its mouth is its weak point and a few shotgun blasts will be enough to kill it. Explosives such as grenades are also effective, as are flash-bangs which will kill any Plaga type instantly.