Draugrs are an undead race of Norse mythology.


They were created by Hel, the goddess of death, who created the unholy art of Necromancy. Later on, lesser beings such as humans learned to duplicate this art to some extent. But they were unable to create real draugrs, and the cheap knockoffs of draugrs these lesser Necromancers made (such as Zombies and Skeletons) were nothing by comparison.

Draugrs can be created in three ways. 1 Hel turns a human corpse into a draugr. A draugr turns a human corpse into a draugr. 3 A human is killed by a draugr, who then turns him or her into a draugr.

Draugrs remain in the form that they were when they were resurrected for as long as they are in use (a time period with no limit), so fresh kills are usually used. Draugrs feel no pain, and can only be stopped if completely disabled. They can heal from almost anything, reconstructing broken body parts. But when it comes to magic, they don't stand a chance. Also, their life force is connected to Hel's, which renders them independent of sustenance and rest.

Draugrs, when resurrected, automatically become as strong and intelligent as is possible in their current physical state (another good reason for using fresh bodies). But even when they're not up to par, they can replace their inadequate body parts with adequate ones (which is usually what becomes of they're victims). The same process is not necessary for brains (however), as all members of a Draugr Pack are telepathicly connected. The more draugrs are in a pack, the more intelligent the pack mind becomes.

Society and CultureEdit

Draugrs lived in packs. They were all telepathicly connected in one mind. Despite how intelligent they could become; draugrs were completely subject to the will of their mistress. They were devoid of morality; the closet thing they had to a concept of good was Hel's will. Once they were given a task; the draugrs would stop at nothing to see it done. Since they were incapable of passing the time; they spent all of the time that they were not on duty "sleeping", usually in grave yards.

The Draugr pack was lead by the first draugr to be resurected.  When draugrs killed, they kept the bodies as spare parts.  These bodies would initially be robbed of the spare parts needed by inadiquite draugrs.  Depending on how many victims the had; these spare bodies could eventually be rebuilt as draugrs themselves.  This type was usualy recognizible for it's lack of body cemitry.

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