The Dragonkin are a race of extremley powerful, humanoid dragon-like creatures, with one task-to kill anyone who false-uses the power of a supernatural weapon. The Dragonkin come from the MMORPG RuneScape, and it has only appeared in that paticular video game.

Remaing DragonkinEdit

To this day, only three Dragonkin remain-Strisaph, Sakrith, and Sithaph. One Dragonkin, who is well known for creating the huge, powerful Queen Black Dragon, named Kerapac is supposedly still alive. Kerapace is amongst the strongest of the dragonkin. 


"The Dragonkin were created by the elder godess Jas, and was tied as a defense system to an elder artifact;the Stone of Jas. Anyone who touches the stone is given immense power, but becomes a target for the Dragonkin. Who knows;the Dragonkin may become more powerful then the gods themself."- Statue of Death

Jas created the Dragonkin sometime before the first age of Gielenor, the land that is walked upon in RuneScape. The Dragonkin were placed under a horrible curse that causes terrible pain, enraging the Dragonkin, causing them to grow the strenght to kill anyone who touches the Stone of Jas, besides Jas herself. Even the most powerful of beings have been slaughtered by the Dragonkin. Likewise, even the gods fear them.

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