Dragons are powerful creatures that appear in the first Dungeon Keeper game. Appearing the later stages of the campaign, these beasts are perhaps the best all-purpose creatures a Keeper can ask for. They are attracted to expansive dungeons brimming with wealth, though a Keeper can also obtain a dragon by training a Demon Spawn to maximum level. Dragons can be expensive to keep around, but with their talent for research, their magical prowess and their strength, they are well worth the investment.

Abilities Edit

  • Flame Breath - Dragons are naturally capable of expelling searing flames from their mouths and can reduce heroes and enemy creatures to cinders.
  • Heal - Dragons can recover health very quickly.
  • Meteor - A projectile spell where the user launches a burning, explosive rock at their target.
  • Word of Power - A destructive magical weapon that emanates a wave of fire around the caster.

Likes Edit

  • Wealth - Dragons are notoriously greedy and like to surround themselves with gold and precious gemstones. A dragon may demand a large sum on payday, but it's worth it and the dragon knows it.
  • Lava - Dragons aren't just capable of traversing through lava, they enjoy it. What would be searing, agonizing death for most creatures is just a hot, relaxing bath for a dragon.
  • Research - As well as gold, dragons also covet arcane knowledge and will spend much time in the library researching new spells.
  • Training - Like Demon Spawn, dragons relish combat and will happily spend much of their time honing their skills in the training room.

Dislikes Edit

Dragons are one of the few creatures that do not have any strong dislikes. They do not bicker, squabble or fight to the death with other creatures over petty things such as food or living space.

Trivia Edit

The dragons in Dungeon Keeper walk about on a single pair of legs. As they have wings but no forelegs, they are technically Wyverns.

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