The Draghignazzo is a semi-humanoid B.O.W. that appears in Resident Evil: Revelations. The exact method behind its creation is unknown, but it is evident that the creature incorporates both human and shellfish DNA which have been mutated by the T-Abyss virus. The monster is three times the size of an average human adult and its body is covered with rock-hard shell that is immune to gunfire. There are, however, multiple patches of exposed flesh across the body which are vulnerable.


The Draghignazzo was encountered on the Observation Deck of the Queen Zenobia by BSAA agents Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani. After restoring power to the elevators in the Promenade Hall, the two agents became aware of something moving on the deck above them when the whole room started shaking. Upon entering the lift, they were attacked by the creature as it ascended, and it attempted to kill them by destroying the lift. Though it was heavily armoured, they managed to repel it by shooting its exposed arm.

Having reached the top of the Promenade Deck, Jill and Parker were ambushed by the creature again which revealed its true form. However, they managed to kill it for good and the Draghignazzo collapsed on the floor, falling apart.