Drag tentacle

Drag Tentacles are large, long tentacular appendages of Necromorph origin that appear in each of the main Dead Space games. These great limbs are formed from necrotic tissue of multiple sources and grow forth from heavy concentrations of Corruption, an encrusting mass of dead tissue that grows and spreads like a cancer anywhere there is a Necromorph infestation. Similar appendages can also be found of large Necromorphs such as the Slug and the Leviathan.

Using the pincers at their tips, Drag Tentacles will grasp at victims and drag them away, down into whatever hole the tentacle emerged from. In each of the main Dead Space titles, Isaac Clarke encounters Drag Tentacles in areas with heavy concentrations of the Corruption. Isaac can destroy the tentacle by firing upon the large yellow pustule in the middle of its form, but has only a limited time to do so before he is dragged away and killed by the entity.

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