The doppeganger's way

A Doppelganger is a creature who has the ability to mimic any human being's appearence and characteristics. Usually a doppelganger chooses a particularly wealthy person to impersonate, being that they are lazy and would rather have resources already for them. Occasionally, but not always, a doppelganger has a larger, more detailed plan for why they would impersonate a person. This often makes them seem "evil" or "malevolent".


Doppelgangers were once thought of as aliens who would land on earth in order to execute a plan to invade the human race and replace every person with a look-alike doppelganger. This is not the case. Doppelgangers, like most other mythical creatures, have some tie to the human race. They are not a different species altogether, but rather a hybrid.

The first doppelganger was born of human and demon decent. A female human and a male demon. Although it is thought that demons did not have sexual preference, it is known that they could bare children with humans. This made it also possible for a number of other mythical creatures to be born including the Vampire, Ogre, etc.

The human characteristics are most prevelent in the first 13 years. The doppelganger appeares as a normal child, but once the child hits the age of 13, other characteristics would begin to appear. This period of time is called "Transference". It is marked by the child's first change of appearence.

In order for a doppelganger to change it's appearence it must first gain the knowlege of who it would like to change into. Doppelgangers are linked to humans while their demonic nature helps intensify this link making them naturally telepathic. It is said that this telepathic ability deteriorates over many years of breeding between doppelgangers until finally the only way to enter a human's mind is physical contact, while before a doppelganger could simply enter a human's mind at will. This physical contact is called the "Doppelganger's Kiss".

The doppelganger must "kiss" the human it wishes to transform into, which may seem unorthadox considering their demonic nature. But it is a necessary action, for the moment the doppelganger's lips touch the human's lips, the information about the human's appearence, thoughts, memories, physical abilities, skills, and talents are transfered to the doppelganger, thus marking the change. Then the doppelganger must kill the human to make the transferrence complete. This is part of the strict code doppelgangers must follow:

  1. Never kill another doppelganger.
  2. Never reveal another doppelganger's identity to any human.
  3. Never reveal oneself to a human.
  4. Never let a human live while simultaneously using their appearence.

These 4 main rules are to ensure the doppelganger race is secret to humans and that the race is kept alive for as long as possible. If this is compromised and if any of the 4 rules are broken, the doppelganger must be hunted down and killed. Usually this is done by a doppelganger who witnesses the other doppelganger's mistake.

Although there have been times in which doppelgangers have revealed themselves to humans, it is very rare. This is because every doppelganger knows the 4 rules and are taught the consequenses at a young age. This teaching is thought to have been passed down over generations starting with the first demons to breed with humans.

Doppelgangers usually travel the earth tansferring from appearence to appearence never being know by humans. Occasionally a doppelganger's path is crossed by another doppelganger. If a male doppelganger meets a female doppelganger, they must produce offspring. It is required to keep the doppelganger line going. This meeting is very rare, which is both the cause and effect of how doppelgangers are rare in general.


In the first 13 years of a doppelganger's life, no unusual abilities are prevelant. Therefor the doppelganger child must be cared for until then. This is always done by the father. The mother doppelganger leaves as soon as the child is born. This is because there are 20 male doppelgangers for every female doppelganger born. In order to maintain the race, each female doppelganger leaves before knowing the child, making it easier for the mother doppelganger to move on and bear another child with another doppelganger male. This is seen as unloving in human eyes, but it is only necessary to keep the line going.

Young Doppelganger

Young Doppelganger

For the first 13 years of a doppelganger's life, he/she is tought everything needed to survive as a doppelganger. These teachings are done by the father, who usually teaches the child survival techniques. These include acedemic information (liturature, science, math, etc) to better blend into the human society. The doppelganger is also usually taught self defense in case a human were to discover their identity.

At a young age, doppelgangers are taught to kill, usually starting with small animals and moving to more complex adversaries. This is to ensure the doppelganger's survival in adulthood.

Although doppelgangers are taught basics in survival techniques at a young age, it is nothing compared to the knowlege they gain through the years. Each human they take can be used to the full extent. For example, if a doppelganger were to choose a doctor as their next template, they would gain all the medical knowlege the doctor had picked up in his years at college and in the field as well. This would also include any other skills the doctor picked up throughout his life. Perhaps he took a few classes of karate. This skill would transfer to the doppelganger and could be used as such.

Along with the abilities they gain from humans, they also have abilities of their own thanks to their slightly demonic nature. These abilities include enhanced physical strength, agility, and speed. This, coupled with their extensive knowlege they gained from human victims makes them some of the most dangerous creatures in the world.

Although their physical and mental prowess seems only human, they also posess a superhuman gift, unique to each one of them. This gift always has to do with the mind and are used to help doppelgangers in keeping themselves secret from the human race, by manipulating the minds of others. This only works on humans and is ineffective against other mythical creatures.