Doktor Totentanz image
Doktor Totentanz is a vampire from White Wolf Publishing's World of Darkness setting.

Description Edit

Born Heinrich Lundt, the mortal who would become Doktor Totentanz was a fanatical Nazi racial biologist and anti-Semite, conducting all manner of gruesome experiments on Jewish prisoners. Attracting the attentions of a senior Tzimisce for his enthusiasm for his work, Lundt was subsequently brought into the folds of the Tzimisce, and thus the Sabbat.

Escaping the post-war Nuremburg Trials, Lundt used his newfound fleshcrafting abilities not only in his experiments, but also on himself, changing his gender to female, this better suiting his predispositions. 

Now, Totentanz functions as a high-ranking mission commander for the Black Hand in Europe, leading War Parties against the Camarilla whenever possible. Notorious for the sheer brutality and scale of her violence, Totentanz nevertheless holds on to elements from her past; her personal Pack, the Sonderkommando, uses a great deal of Nazi iconography and procedure in its individualised rituals.

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