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Do Re Mi Monster with Milton

Muppet time anything song

Do Re Mi Monster appeared in a few of the Muppet Time segments on Nickelodeon. He finds it nearly impossible to perform simple tasks without breaking into song, to the great frustration of his friend Milton.

The puppet used for Do Re Mi Monster was a modified version of Tug Monster from Little Muppet Monsters.

Names in other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japaneseドレミモンスターを行うDo Re Mi Monster
EnglishDo Re Mi Monster
SpanishDo Re Mi monstruoDo Re Mi Monster
FrenchDo Re Mi monstreDo Re Mi Monster
GermanDo Re Mi Monster
GreekDo Re Mi τέραςDo Re Mi Monster
ItalianDo Re Mi MonstroDo Re Mi Monster

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