Dividers are tall, slender Necromorphs that appear in Dead Space and Dead Space 2. What makes them unique among other Necromorphs is their ability to break apart into smaller Necromorphs which can then swarm over a potential victim. Once the Divider takes on sufficient damage, the head, arms, and legs separate and become independent creatures known as "Components" or "Divider spawn." The Divider sub-sections are very fast and will damage and attempt to strangle a victim, but they are much weaker than the original Divider.

Dividers tend to be loners, but a pair, or a single Divider backed up by Exploders, is not unheard of. Its components have strong attacks, but are weak and cannot take much damage.

The limbs of a body use their tentacles to shift along the floor and walls. The limbs then proceed to jump and attack, and the head will latch on and try to strangle the victim. If a victim is killed, often the Divider spawn will sever the victim's head and the the Divider head will root itself in the neck stump, taking control of the body. These Necromorphs should be dealt with at range and, once split, dispatched with an explosive weapon.

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