Overview Edit

The Dinoshark is a prehistoric marine reptile, called a pliosaur, that resembles a cross between a great white shark and a T-rex. In 2007, a baby dinoshark was freed from an iceberg that was melting due to global warming, swimming off into the ocean. 3 years later, Dinoshark (now a fully grown predator) terrorized the town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The beast killed 26 people, finally meeting its end when it was speared through the eye with a harpoon, piercing its brain and killing it instantly.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being called a pliosaur, a group of real-life extinct marine reptile that coexisted with dinosaurs, Dinoshark looks nothing like a pliosaur. Real-life pliosaurs had barrel-like bodies, four turtle-like flippers, and a massive crocodilian head filled with sharp teeth. If anything, Dinoshark looks more like an armor-plated ichthyosaur, or perhaps a dorsal finned-liopluerodon, other very different ancient marine reptiles.

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