Diggers are small burrowing creatures that appear in the Gears of War series. Found deep within the Hollow, these worm-like beasts have previously been weaponized by the Locust who attach grenades to them and fire them from specially-crafted Digger Launchers. The first known use of Diggers in the Locust War was during the destruction of Halvo Bay when General Karn mounted Digger Launchers to his personal war-beast, the Shibboleth. They were also used by the Savage Locust during the Lambent Pandemic.

Behaviour Edit

Little is known about Diggers other than how the Locust have used them. When fired from a Digger Launcher, a Digger will rapidly burrow through the ground, completely bypassing enemy cover. When it approaches its target, the Digger will erupt from the ground and latch on to the victim's chest, chewing its way inside and then detonating.

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