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Two Dampirs


A painting of a Dhampir.

Dhampirs is the child of a Human and a Vampire. Dhampir powers are similar to vampires, but without the usual weaknesses. Dhampir are referred as any hybrid of one human and one vampire parent; they are half-breeds not vampires themselves. It was believed that male vampires have a great desire for women, so a vampire will return to have intercourse with his wife or with a woman he was attracted to in life. Some traditions specify signs by which the children of a vampire can be recognized, like having untamed dark or black hair and lack a shadow, possible indications include being "very dirty", having a soft body, no nails and bones (the latter physical peculiarity is also ascribed to the vampire itself), a deep mark on the back, like a tail, a pronounced nose, and having larger eyes, ears or teeth.

Known DhampirsEdit

  • Blade, from the Marvel comic book series of the same name and three movies based on the comic, is explained to be a Dhampir.
  • The protagonist of the BloodRayne series of video games is explained to be a Dhampir.
  • Alucard from Castlevania and D the Vampire Hunter are both claimed to be Dhampirs, and Dracula's sons.
  • Renesmee from Twilight is the daughter of a human and a vampire witch makes her a Dhampire.

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