Movanic deva

Devas are a subspecies of angel in the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. Also referred to as "celestial stewards", these beings attend directly to the gods that reside on the Celestial Planes.

Types of deva Edit

There are three distinct types of deva which have been listed below.

Astral deva Edit

The golden-hued astral devas chiefly exist to battle fiends in the Fiendish Planes. They also travel the Astral Plane to rescue lost or stranded mortals of good alignment.

Monadic deva Edit

The dark-skinned, green-eyed monadic devas exist to watch over the Elemental Chaos for the gods of Good. They can survive any elemental environment without ill effect.

Movanic deva Edit

The milky-white movanic devas travel the Prime Material Plane to aid prominent followers of the gods of good in times of great need. While they more often appear disguised as humanoids or animals, they can manifest in their winged angelic form, with shining silver hair and piercing silver eyes, if this suits their needs.

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