Demon of song

The Demon of Song is a demon from the video game Dark Souls 2. It can be found in the Shrine of Amana, located in a rather shallow body of water.

Appearance Edit

The Demon of Song takes the appearance of an amphibian creature (reminiscent of a frog or toad) with hollow facial features and overlong arms with absurdly large hands which sport taloned fingers. These arms are notable in that they sprout from the monster's mouth, rather than its torso.

Abilities Edit

Extended Grasp Edit

The Demon of Song has a rather long reach and its attacks mainly consist of it swinging its arms in wide arcs.

Leaping Edit

Due to its toad-like biology, the Demon of Song can bound around in the arena at will.

Body Armour Edit

This creature's extremities have the ability to tuck into the body of the amphibian, granting it a shield from physical damage.

Weaknesses Edit

Vulnerability to Lightning Edit

Employing a weapon imbued with lightning or rubbing gold pine resin is an effective way to do higher damage to the beast.

Ranged Weaponry Edit

Although the Demon of Song has the capability to attack the player from any corner of the room, it generally stays in one area, making it significantly easier to defeat by engaging with bow and arrow, or something that has similar ranged effect.

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