Demon Spawn are squat reptilian demons that appear in the first Dungeon Keeper game. They first appear in the campaign's second stage and serve as hardy melee fighters among the creature horde. Bloodthirsty and always eager for battle, Demon Spawn will spend virtually all of their time either training for combat or engaged in actual combat. They are also capable of partaking in research or manufacturing, though they do not specialize in either field.

Abilities Edit

  • Melee - Demon Spawn will clobber enemies with their claws.
  • Missile - Demon Spawn spit up small living projectiles that streak towards targets.
  • Heal - At Level 7, Demon Spawn learn the ability to magically heal themselves and other allied creatures.
  • Transformation - In later levels of the game, when a Demon Spawn trains up to Level 10, it will transform into a Level 5 Dragon.
  • Immunity - Demon Spawn are capable of crossing over lava without taking damage.

Likes Edit

  • Training - When not fighting, Demon Spawn devote all their time to preparing themselves for combat. A 3x3 training room is enough to attract one Demon Spawn, but larger ones are recommended in order to gain a steady supply of hardy warriors.
  • Combat - Demon Spawn live for battle and will usually be the first to answer a call to arms.

Dislikes Edit

  • Peace - Demon Spawn quickly become agitated when they cannot fight or train and will lash out at fellow creatures or may just leave the dungeon outright.
  • Hellhounds - Demon Spawn and Hellhounds despise each other and refuse to share lair-space with one another. They will usually fight to the death if they cross paths.

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