Dnd demons

Demons are a vile race of fiends in the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. Native to the Abyss, demons are chaotic evil by nature and delight in dispensing death and destruction wherever they go. They have no true rulers, though some demon lords possess enough power and influence to rally armies of such creatures.

It is also important to note that in Dungeons & Dragons, demons are distinct from devils and should not be regarded in the same class. Devils are lawful evil, desiring power and dominion over others, whereas demons thrive on chaos and destruction. In truth, demons and devils hate each other and would see the other destroyed if given the chance.

Demon types Edit

Obyrinth Edit

An ancient race of demons that predate the existence of mortal life. Only a handful of obyrinths survived the destruction of their reality that resulted in the creation of the Abyss.

Tanar'ri Edit

Originally conceived by the obyrinths as slaves, the tanar'ri rebelled against their masters long ago and currently reign as the dominant demon race of the Abyss.

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