Deathclaws are a race of genetically modified reptilians from Interplay Entertainment’s Fallout series of video games. They were one of the first mutants created in the Fallout timeline, as they were manufactured before the Great War. Deathclaws are mutated chameleons, changed to a point where they lost their ability to alter their pigmentation.

Common Traits Edit

Warriors Bred Edit

  • Deathclaws were made to fight off Chinese forces trying to infiltrate America; as such, they are capable of dealing considerable damage, and can survive a beating in return.

Night Vision Edit

  • Deathclaws have been modified to see through darkness with incredible clarity.

Persistence Edit

  • Deathclaws are notorious for pursuing a target for hours on end.

Superb Athleticism Edit

  • Deathclaws are fast runners and hard hitters, as they were designed for missions that required these properties.

Superior Intelligence Edit

  • Deathclaws also have a high degree of knowledge in the arts of warfare and hunting, and are capable of outsmarting normal human beings on a regular basis.

Evolved Variants Edit

Hairy Deathclaw (Fallout: Tactics) Edit

  • In Fallout: Tactics a player may find a creature high in the mountains; a Deathclaw with fur on it's body. The Hairy Deathclaw is a Deathclaw given the genes to grow fur, which were created to survive in colder climates for winter combat.

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