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No one knows exactly what the Darkman looks like

is a mysterious figure that has been seen in the southern United States, mostly around New Orleans. It is described as a very tall and skinny figure, possibly around seven feet tall with peircing red eyes. No one has ever given a detailed description of it's facial features. Reports of children and hermits seeing a tall figure with red eyes have come up from the 1920s to the 1980s. It has usually appeared during the full moon, reportedly on empty roads, near roads, or in the bayous. In 1976, one child reported seeing a tall figure with red eyes swiftly cross a road into nearby woods while a young woman reported being chased by the figure; Both people disappeared and later, their corpses turned up in the swamps. In 1980, a fisherman reported seeing the figure feeding on an alligators corpse in the Bayou St. John. Many investigations by law enforcement have led to no evidence of such a creatures existence, however, many rotting crawfish have been seen in the locations that Darkman was said to be. Today, Darkman has not been seen.

The Darkman is considered to be the Devil by some people.Others believe that he is the real slenderman or the rake.

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