Dark Elf Concept

The Dark Elf is a creature available to the Keeper in Dungeon Keeper 2. Evolved from a race of Elves who shunned the overland world in favour of the dank dungeons, Dark Elves are intelligent and sophisticated warriors. Their long history of dwelling beneath ground has tuned their senses to impressive levels and higher level specimens are particularly adept with a crossbow at long range. Since the Dark Elves rejected the Overworld, there has been a longstanding rivalry between Dark Elves and Elven Archers. Dark Elves also harbour an irrational resentment towards Dwarves and positively detest doing research or manufacturing.

Abilities Edit

  • Crossbow - Dark elves are sorely lacking in close-quarter combat ability but make excellent snipers. At Level 8, the gain the Guided Bolt which will home in on a selected target.
  • Knives - The dark elf throws several knives at once to cut down her enemies.

Likes Edit

  • Combat - Dark elves care for little else other than battle. When not training, they dutifully take up guard posts to keep the dungeon secure.

Dislikes Edit

  • Dwarves - Dark elves and dwarves have an ancient grudge with one another and will seek one another out in the midst of a battle amongst various creatures. Even if the Keeper bewitches a dwarf, don't expect him to share a lair with a dark elf.
  • Elven Archers - Dark elves have no love for their Overworld-dwelling cousins and consider them to be no better than dwarves.
  • Research - Dark elves have little inclination toward magic, despite what many believe. They care not for learning the secrets of dark magic and prefer to leave the books to the likes of Warlocks.
  • Manufacturing - Dark elves have no interest getting their hands dirty, unless its with the blood of their enemies.

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