Dark Angel 2

The Dark Angel is a type of creature available to the Keeper in Dungeon Keeper 2. These beings were once servants of the Divine, but have since fallen from grace after giving into sinful temptations. Dark angels are very powerful and would make great additions to a Keeper's horde, but their loyalty is not easily bought. They tend to join the Keeper's forces in pursuit of their own interests, whatever they may be.

Abilities Edit

  • Melee - Dark angels wield swords imbued with evil essence that can inflict greater than average damage.
  • Disruption - A magical blast that boils and melts flesh on contact.
  • Hailstorm - A hail of icy shards that inflicts damage on multiple enemies at once.
  • Skeleton Horde - Dark angels are necromancers and can raise armies of Skeletons to aid them in battle. The skeletons they command do not add to the Keeper's creature horde and only last temporarily, deteriorating into the ground once more when the battle is over.

Likes Edit

Dark Angel Concept
  • Combat - Dark angels delight in warfare and bloodshed. When there is no battle to be fought, they will usually be found in the Training Room or the Combat Pit.
  • Temples - Dark angels like to build their lairs in close proximity to a Temple as they still retain some connection to their divine origins.
  • Research - Dark angels are intrigued by mystery and tempted by power, and so they are drawn to the Library to uncover arcane secrets.

Dislikes Edit

  • Fairies - Dark angels are repulsed by fairies and any other beings connected to the Divine. Even fairies that have converted to the Keeper's side are looked upon with loathing.
  • Monks - Dark angels hate all servants of the gods that cast them out, even monks that have since joined the Keeper's forces. The two will fight to the death if forced to share a lair.

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